Saturday, May 19, 2012

So behind!

Cant believe its been months since I have posted... oops! Well Im back and now that the wee one is 5 months and getting easier by the day, I can have more time to write on here again! Where do I begin.. well for one I should fill everyone in on William. He is the most vocal, bossy and persistent baby EVER! He is such a little angel but man is he LOUD! So different to Bentley. William wants all eyes on him at all times and if they are not, well you will here him scream at you until you look at him. He is a funny little thing, him and bentley are like chalk and cheese. Complete opposites! I always tell chris that my labors with both of them somewhat gave me an idea of how they were, Bentley (42 hour long labor) is the most relaxed carefree boy EVER, so in labor he was in absolutely no rush to get anywhere fast. Then there is William (4 hours of labor) who is the life and noise of the party and he was in a rush to get into the world to see what was crackin on the outside lol. Bentley is nearly two and a half! Where has time gone?!? He is talking so well and we are slowly getting the hang of the potty training, when he is not scared of sitting on it. He has the soul of a saint, that kid. He is the best BIG brother around, he absolutely adores Wills and Wills adores him the same. They are two peas in a pod already. Until next time....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My med free, midwife assisted birth!

Im finally getting around to posting my birth story.. 3 weeks later! Tuesday December 13th we were out all day, went for a walk with Bentley and visited with family all day.. when we got home that evening I felt a little funny, but nothing out of the ordinary. I took a bath about 6 to see if that would relax me a bit and it did. I got Bentley ready for bed about 8 and he was asleep by 9, I came downstairs and watched tv with Chris for a little bit, about 10 I started getting what I considered braxton hicks only they were ten minutes apart on the dot from the beginning, which I knew this was it even though they werent painful yet, Chris kept asking me, "is this the real thing".. I knew it was but didnt want to get him over anxious before it was time to go to the hospital, so I told him to go get to bed and get some sleep just in case this was it. He went to bed about 1030, I stayed downstairs walking back and forth from the living room to the kitchen to keep things progressing. At 11 I went to bed thinking Id try and get some sleep, which obviously doesnt work very well when you are getting contractions every 7 minutes apart at that point! So I laid in bed sometimes dozing off inbetween contractions and I finally got up at 1230 and went and sat in the bath, and thats when the contractions starting getting super painful! I got out, got dressed and made my way downstairs to start consistently timing the contractions... this is 1 in the morning now and I timed the contractions for and hour until 2 while I called my mom and talked inbetween contractions! The hour I timed them they were anywhere from 3-5 minutes apart, so I knew it was time to get chris up and it was time to go! I woke him up at 215, we called his mom to come over and be with Bentley and we made it out of the door about 315, it was a 30 minute car ride and we got to the hospital, and might I mention the whole time on the way Chris was complaining that we were going to get sent home, I couldnt understand why he was saying this when I was in this much pain now! We got to the hospital at 345 they checked me to make sure I was in true labor, Chris was shocked to hear that I was at a 5 and my water was bulging and would break at any time! So they walked me to my room at this time its 4, we were in the room for about 30 minutes before I started to panic because I needed to PUSH! I got on my knees on the floor and told chris you need to get the midwife I wanna push! She came in about 10 minutes later this whole time Im trying so hard not to push, (because might I note that in the states with my Ob they tell you when to push and check to see your dialted to a 10 before they give you the go ahead, here on the other hand with the midwife, they let you do what your body is telling you to do and they dont even check your dialation) she told me do whatever your body is telling you to do, so I started to push, within the first two pushes my water burst and 5 minutes later at 505 little William was in the world and he was more beautiful than ever! It happened so fast William and I were a little in shock and shaking but settled down after a few minutes. It was the most empowering experience and I will add I am happy I had planned to go med free because it happened so fast even if I had wanted meds there wasnt enough time! I found the birth with William so different to Bentleys, with William I found the labor such a beautiful experience and just found that letting my body do whatever it needed to do went so much smoother than having interventions. William was 8lbs 2oz and 18 inches long! He is total opposite to Bentley already, Bentley was huge, everything from his hands and feet to his legs! William is my little runt, I think he was unfortunate enough to inherit my short legs.. poor kid! But just maybe he has a chance haha... he is an amzing baby just as bentley was, good sleeper and eater, I never imagined how busy I would be with two children but they keep me on my toes and I love every minute of it... Bentley is the greatest big brother, he is so in love with William, its the first thing he wants in the morning is to see William its so lovely.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yes I look and feel...

like Im ready to POP!!! 35 weeks and feeling HUGE is an understatement (please dont judge)!!! Besides that I feel amazing :) I have so much to be thankful for, I get to spend every day with my little boy Bentley and Im carrying another little healthy boy inside of me.. I couldnt ask for anymore! This pregnancy is so different to the one with Bentley, probably because I am way more active this time around.. I will say it and am so embarassed but I gained just short of 50 pounds with bentley, and this time around at 35 weeks I have just gained 20 pounds!!! Yes right, HUGE HUGE HUGE difference, the funny thing is I feel more uncomfortable this time around for whatever reason, I pray that this little one doesnt come out weighing the full 20 pounds I have gained haha. I have come to realize how busy I am going to be with a two year old and a newborn! I have been trying to get all the baby things together and washed and put away and I tell you it is more difficult than it may seem with a toddler that needs my attention at all times and not only the usual toddler stuff, he is getting his two year molars and oh boy he has been kinda high maintenance lately... but I dont want to complain because I have two amazing boys, and a truly amazing husband that I just couldnt live without :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Peter peter pumpkin eater!

Well almost, its a Bentley pumpkin! And what a beautiful pumpkin he was :) It was a lovely Halloween following a super super busy moving weekend! We moved into our house and are loving it! For Halloween we went over to Nan's house, had a lovely stew then went out trick or treating! So much fun we had! Bentley isnt a huge fan of scary things, and he finds alot of stuff scary so we made him be an innocent little pumpkin! I wanted to paint his face as well but he didnt want me to so I didnt.. He was so cute going up to the doors and saying "trick treat" I love that he is talking so much now! There was a woman that was handing out candy and she was so into Halloween to say the least she got down in bentley face saying in a scary voice that she loves to eat children and he started crying his eyes out and didnt want to take any sweets from her after that haha bless his heart he is definetly one of a kind... We are also getting ready for our little Wilsy to make his appearance! We cannot wait to meet him and see if he looks like his big brother, I cant believe Im already 33 weeks and every week is going by faster! Yikes so much to do in the next few weeks to prepare for his arrival as well as Bentleys 2nd birthday, cant believe my little angel is going to be 2! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 17, 2011

So ready...

To meet our new little addition! I had my 31 week appointment with my midwife today and everything is right on track and Im crossing everything I can that he comes early like Bentley, I had bentley at 38 weeks! He finally moved head down, he was transverse (sideways) for the longest time, which doesnt surprise me considering bentley was transverse until 36 weeks! Now I just hope that William faces the right way, Bentley was facing up instead of facing my back, which I delivered him safely but it just took 42 hours to get him moved down the birth canal.. and oh the back labor with Bentley was absolutely awful because he was stuck on my back bone and not to mention he was 9lbs 7oz! I am getting a little nervous about this delivery, but try to just think about end result to see my new little baby boy! I cant wait to see Bentley meet William for the first time...but I am getting terrible anxiety over leaving Bentley to give birth though, he has never been away from me for over 3 hours! Yes we are attached at the hip :) And some updates on Bentley.. He is getting so big, well he has always been big but he keeps getting taller and heavier! His sentences are coming together so well and his vocabulary is blossoming every day... he still is so mellow and has the kindest heart he calls William, Willa its the cutest thing ever! He absolutely loves his wellies (rain boots) always puts them on and says "puddle mommy, puddle!" He is so much fun, this is such a great age, I cant wait until our little William is here to complete our family. Will update again soon :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh my...

Have we had so much going on in the last two months and still have so much going on in the next two or so months! We just got back off holiday and we had a lovely time, we went to Cornwall England, to the beach! This was my third year going strong keeping the tradition of Chris's family going there, and it was Bentleys second year... last year he was only about 6 months old when we went so I had imagined this year would be different with him, but I was wrong! He HATED yes HATED the ocean he was so scared of it, I think more than anything it was the noise of the waves coming in and he wasnt so fond of the sand either! But he did eventually somewhat warm up to the idea of the sand even though I dont think it is one of his favorite things he has encountered in his little lifetime. We only had one hot day, and well I am not sure what we expected considering we went the first week of October but we were happy with at least the one hot beach day that we got to play in the sand and swim in the sea! After a week of being away and staying in a beach front house, well coming back to reality isnt always that great.. but we do have so much to look forward to in the next couple months! We move into our little humble home on the 28th of October and then in November my baby boy is turning two, I could cry my eyes thinking that he is growing up so quickly but Im so blessed that I spend every day with this sweet and caring litte man of mine... He is the most gentle little creature I have ever met, I honestly dont have one difficult time with him... saying how easy he is Im getting a little nervous to see how our little William will be but oh so excited to meet him and the most exciting part for me is to see Bentley and him together for the first time. Im now going on week 31 of pregnancy and wow is time flying, I had Bentley at 38 weeks so Im thinking William might just decide to make an appearance before his actual due date too, which isnt too bad for me :) I will hopefully get a few more belly pictures up soon for those wanting to see my baby bump!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Here we are...

For all of our family and friends to keep up with us on. I will be deleting my facebook because I was only keeping it for family and friends to keep up with us but the more I think about it, I cant necessarily update people on Bentley and William on facebook not like I can doing a blog anyways! So here we are, I will try to keep it updated at least once a week(we will see how that works out with a soon to be two year old and a newborn soon) but I will do my best! Hope everyone enjoys reading about our little family!